Lampat Bright 90 LED Solar Security Light Review– Light up the night!

Lampat Bright 90 LED Solar Security Light 

The reviews are in on this security light. It looks like this is a pretty powerful light for the price and they come in a two pack so you get two in the box.


Positives on these lights are-

Solar panels are separate from light so they can be mounted to get maximum sunlight.

they have motion sensors to detect motion up to 16 feet away and a 120 degree radius

The unit has duel operating modes , you can program them to stay lit all the time or just when motion is detected.

No electric wiring is required, no extension cords either.

Units can be programed to stay on for 2 to 8 minutes after motion is detected.

Lights and solar panels are waterproof and can be mounted anywhere. Cords on solar panels are 8 to 10 feet long and also easy to mount.

Negatives on these lights are –

No adjustments on motion sensor.

No dim mode.

Battery replacement is iffy at best, Would need soldering equipment.

Mounting screws are a little small, easily lost during installation.

These lights have a few flaws to them but over all for the price they are a bargain especially since there are 2 of them in the package. The warranty on these lights, to be honest is kind of a mystery. I found out the warranty is a manufacture’s warranty but one good note is at amazon you can purchase an extended warranty at a pretty reasonable price

One other thing about these lights which is with all motion sensor lights is wherever you mount them make sure there aren’t any swinging objects around.  I have a motion detector light at my house and not thinking about it I hung my wife’s wind chimes in the area where the light is now every time the wind blows the wind chimes the light comes on. Needless to say I had to move the chime

In finishing up this review here is a recap of the review

Price of the light is $39.99

Cheapest place to purchase is Amazon

Has 90 LED’s

solar powered, no electricity or electric cords

Has motion detector

Light has programmable features

I hope you found this review helpful. If you have any questions or comments please write them in the reply section below. Thanks for reading  Mike Cox. My apologies here. This light was discontinued and is no longer available. Lampat does have another version of this security light but it has only 62 led’s and sell’s for 16.99. Check it out HERE . Sorry for the inconvenience.

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