About Me

Hello out there. My name is Michael Cox. There isn’t a whole lot I can say about myself except I live in south Arkansas and I love it down here.

I guess I got interested in solar gadgets when my parents passed away. I noticed at the cemetery a lot of people had put out those solar powered crosses. I thought they were really cool how they charged up all day and put out a soft glow at night. As time went on I got to notice them even more it seemed like every cemetery I passed at night had a bunch of them glowing in the distance. Please don’t misunderstand me I don’t have a cemetery fetish or anything I just thought they were cool.  Then we bought some solar lights to put around the outside of our home. We are night owls around here so the extra lighting is nice to have when we come in at midnight and the cost of having these lights is the best part. ITS FREE. I hope you enjoyed this little commentary on me and thanks for reading.     Salutations from South Arkansas     Michael Cox