Solar Lighted Humming Bird Feeder – Hungry Birds Are Humming Everywhere

With spring quickly approaching I was reminded about a friends birthday that comes around next month. I asked the BIG question ( what would you like for your birthday?) the response was – I want a solar lighted humming bird feeder. Well I know humming bird feeders are cool because it is fun and interesting to watch humming birds, but i asked WHY? The reply was hungry birds are going to be humming everywhere this spring. I want to be ready!

I have to be honest I had never heard of a solar lighted humming bird feeder before. I know solar items are just beginning to gain popularity but I am pretty sure humming birds don’t feed at night so why would they need a light? After a little research i discovered that the light was’nt for the humming birds.

The light was for night time decor. My friend told me she gets to watch the humming birds during the day and watch the multi-colored light show at night which is solar powered.

After doing a little research I found one at amazon for 26.94 which is the cheapest price i found. All the reviews i read on the humming bird feeder most of them were positive. The biggest complaint i read about was everyone thought its size should have been bigger. This humming bird feeder is 6 by 5.8 by 10.1 inches. So i guess it is a little small but that makes the humming birds seem bigger RIGHT?

Of course lets not forget the light show at night. This humming bird feeder has humming bird images inside of the reservoir and when the solar light changes color at night it really makes for quite a show. Of course being solar powered it does’nt require electricity so that means no ugly wires to see or trip over and you can hang it anywhere. Of course it does require sunlight to charge the battery. So don’t forget to make sure the humming bird feeder gets some sun every day.

Go here and get yours today      Solar Lighted Humming Bird Feeder

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Once again I would like to thank everyone for reading and remember humming birds get hungry too  Michael Cox

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Smart Solar Bird Bath Fountain – Dirty Birds Need Help

Spring time will be here before you know it. All of our flower gardens will be in full bloom and we will be on the porch or strolling in the yard admiring all the spring beauty. A smart solar bird bath fountain would be a great addition to any garden. Besides dirty birds everywhere are counting on us to lend a helping hand!

 Introducing the Athena Glazed Ceramic Bird Bath Fountain. This fountain has Solar on Demand battery Technology to provide constant performance on cloudy days. This fountain charges fully in 1 to 2 days of sunlight and runs up to 6 hours on a full charge.

This fountain has a patented under water solar panel and pump system. You know sometimes birds have accidents so with the solar panel under water it stays clean and worry free. The solar panel is completly sealed and water proof so no worries there.

Maintenance on the fountain is also easy and trouble free. Just drain,wipe down and refill. The dimensions on the fountain are 21L by 21W by 28H in inches.

The construction on this fountain is Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete. I know if you think CONCRETE well it must weigh a ton but the actual weight is only 29 pounds! As with all solar products there are no wires to  worry with or trip over or try to hide in this case. Just fill turn on and enjoy.




  Birds are very comical creatures. It is alot of fun to watch them bathe and play in the water. And of course the fountain also creates a soothing effect on a spring day. Just sit back and relax and listen to the trickling water. Of course some birds will bathe with the fountain on and some might not. I guess that would be a trial and error thing. Try it both ways and see what happens. On behalf of all the dirty birds out there they (as well as myself) thank you for reading. Michael Cox.

If by chance this bird bath fountain is not quite what you were looking for please visit here for a full list of different styles and prices.    Additional Fountains.

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Top 5 Solar Bug Zappers – Put Some Zap In Springtime

I know it sounds crazy to think about bug zappers in january but they came to mind the other day. The weather in south arkansas is really crazy. Its warm one day and freezing the next. The temperature reached a scorching 60 degrees and i sat on the back porch soaking up the warmth and low and behold a mosquito feasted on my arm. I was amazed to see a mosquito out when just 2 days before the low temperatures were in the teen digits. The first thing that came to mind was that if they are out now I can only imagine how bad its going to be when springtime gets here. So with that in mind I thought why not do a little research and find the top 5 solar bug zappers and put some zap in springtime.


Number 1 on the list is the Redeo solar bug light


.  This bug zapper is solar powered and has a 900 volt electric field. Thats pretty powerful of course it also zaps other flying insects besides mosquitos such as biting flys and anything else that likes to feast on you. This bug zapper also comes with a 5 volt electric charger for those days when the sun refuses to shine. It is recommended to fully charge the unit before its first use then let the sun take over. This unit is completely portable so its perfect for all outdoor activities such as camping.It has a rang of up to 3000 sq feet. It is priced at 48.99 at amazon. Not bad for a springtime investment.



Number 2 on the list is the westinghouse electronic UV LED bug zapper  

This bug zapper made by westinghouse is also pretty powerful. It has 300 volt electric charge that zaps insects. It has 6 purple UV lights to attract insects and has an auto on off switch built in which means it comes on at dusk and goes off at dawn automatically. Also great for those overnite camping trips. The price on this unit is 49.99 at amazon. Also a good investment for spring and summer..

Number 3 on the list is the KVMV bug zapper which also doubles as a garden or yard light. Also solar powered it has a switch to change the modes between bug zapper or garden yard light.      

This light also has on at dusk and off at dawn mode. Also comes with a yard stake but has a handle for hanging. This unit is also waterproof just like the other units listed above. This model will run 72 hours on a full charge on garden light mode and 3 to 4 days on bug zapper mode. This model also is great for camping and all outdoor excursions. Since it has a hook it can even hang on a tree limb. This unit is priced at 69.99 at amazon.

Number 4 on the list is the AGPtek indoor and outdoor bug zapper.      

This unit is also waterproof. This unit can also be used indoors after it has been charged in sunlight all day. It also has a hanging wire attatched which makes it also good for camping trips. This unit has one other advantage and that is it has a bigger base so you can set it down on a flat surface so it would be perfect for a night time fishing trip. Just set it down in the boat and fish without mosquito interuptions.This unit sells for 20.99 at amazon.

Number 5 on the listis the Ultra Powerful Indoor Outdoor Mosquito Zapper. This unit is also waterproof. What makes it unique is it is also commercial grade. It is made like a yard stake but it covers 1 and a half acres. This unit is even used around hospital entrances and areas that require a little more coverage than others. It is not a portable unit but sometimes you want a unit that you can install and forget it        This unit sells for 13.99 at amazon.

This rounds out my top 5 mosquito zappers. On a final note mosquitos are really dangerous insects. They carry many different diseases. I have a friend that lives in kansas that contracted the west niles virus from a mosquito. It was very dangerous for he almost died from the disease. His brain swelled and he didnt recognize any of his family members. Lets wage war on mosquitos this year. There are a few ways to help cut down mosquitos such as – get rid of any standing water that may be on your property. Mosquitos lay eggs in standing water. Junk tires that have water in them is a good example. Even check animal water bowls frequently and change the water out every few days. Be safe and try to have a great spring and summer. Lets get those pesky mosquitos before they get us!   Thanks for reading  Mike Cox. If you have a comment or question please use the reply section below. Thanks





Solar Phone Chargers – Power Up!

Solar Phone Charger

Did you ever notice that sometimes when you need your phone the most the battery is gone or almost gone? It seems like the battery goes dead at the most inconvenient time possible. Of course I have a little story to tell about such a time as this

Some friends of mine decided to go fishing one afternoon. Well the fish were biting really good that afternoon and of course they took their kids along on the fishing trip as well. You know that children get really bored after a while and the next thing you know they have the phone out playing games. It usually don’t take to long for games to take a toll on phone battery’s.

Well you know its starting to get dark out then you keep saying (let me catch one more then we will go) by this time it’s really dark out. Most fishing holes always look different at night and sure enough they were lost. The first thing you think about then is to call someone for help. Oh no the phone battery is dead because the kids played games all afternoon.

Well one of them just happened to have a solar phone charger and had it in the sun all afternoon while they were fishing.They plugged it up and were powered up in no time. The solar phone charger saved the day. There are many instances where they can come in handy. Solar phone chargers are handy on camping trips, hiking trips as well as any other outdoor activity. They are almost a must have for any outdoorsman or woman. Thanks for reading. If you have any comments or questions please put them in the reply section below. Michael Cox.

Lampat Bright 90 LED Solar Security Light Review– Light up the night!

Lampat Bright 90 LED Solar Security Light 

The reviews are in on this security light. It looks like this is a pretty powerful light for the price and they come in a two pack so you get two in the box.


Positives on these lights are-

Solar panels are separate from light so they can be mounted to get maximum sunlight.

they have motion sensors to detect motion up to 16 feet away and a 120 degree radius

The unit has duel operating modes , you can program them to stay lit all the time or just when motion is detected.

No electric wiring is required, no extension cords either.

Units can be programed to stay on for 2 to 8 minutes after motion is detected.

Lights and solar panels are waterproof and can be mounted anywhere. Cords on solar panels are 8 to 10 feet long and also easy to mount.

Negatives on these lights are –

No adjustments on motion sensor.

No dim mode.

Battery replacement is iffy at best, Would need soldering equipment.

Mounting screws are a little small, easily lost during installation.

These lights have a few flaws to them but over all for the price they are a bargain especially since there are 2 of them in the package. The warranty on these lights, to be honest is kind of a mystery. I found out the warranty is a manufacture’s warranty but one good note is at amazon you can purchase an extended warranty at a pretty reasonable price

One other thing about these lights which is with all motion sensor lights is wherever you mount them make sure there aren’t any swinging objects around.  I have a motion detector light at my house and not thinking about it I hung my wife’s wind chimes in the area where the light is now every time the wind blows the wind chimes the light comes on. Needless to say I had to move the chime

In finishing up this review here is a recap of the review

Price of the light is $39.99

Cheapest place to purchase is Amazon

Has 90 LED’s

solar powered, no electricity or electric cords

Has motion detector

Light has programmable features

I hope you found this review helpful. If you have any questions or comments please write them in the reply section below. Thanks for reading  Mike Cox

solar lighting, A good security measure

outdoor solar lighting is decorative and adds extra light outdoors and adds a little more security to your home. Burglars usually shy away from lighted areas. Of course extra lighting shouldn’t take the place of an actual alarm system but solar lighting may help prevent burglaries since most burglars try to not be seen. a good solar security light just might be the ticket. there are all sorts of solar security lights on the market today. Solar motion detector lights are good also for they get exceptionally bright when motion is detected. Be safe and never trust what is in the night. Thanks for reading  Mike Cox

Why everyone could use solar lighting

Well first off the extra light at night is really useful. I was always told as a child that there is nothing in the dark that isn’t there in the daytime. I found this to be an untrue statement. Living in the south there is all kinds of critters that roam around at night. For instance a neighbor of mine was going to work one morning before daylight and walked around his car and ran right into a full grown


    Needless to say it got pretty smelly fast in fact the whole neighborhood new what happened in a matter of minutes. This mishap could have been avoided had he had solar lighting. He could have seen it before it sprayed its perfume and avoided missing work for 3 days and his wife not letting him in the house. So if you think about it solar lighting is a real good investment.

about outdoor solar lighting

Outdoor solar lighting is a cool way to “light up the night” so to speak. Solar power is very cost efficient no electric cords to worry about or trip over. The sun charges the battery all day so they can glow all night. Solar lighting can be an enhancement to any home. You can light up walkways or decorate with string lights the possibilities are endless. So if you are a night owl like me solar lighting is a cool addition to any home.