Solar Lighted Humming Bird Feeder – Hungry Birds Are Humming Everywhere

With spring quickly approaching I was reminded about a friends birthday that comes around next month. I asked the BIG question ( what would you like for your birthday?) the response was – I want a solar lighted humming bird feeder. Well I know humming bird feeders are cool because it is fun and interesting to watch humming birds, but i asked WHY? The reply was hungry birds are going to be humming everywhere this spring. I want to be ready!

I have to be honest I had never heard of a solar lighted humming bird feeder before. I know solar items are just beginning to gain popularity but I am pretty sure humming birds don’t feed at night so why would they need a light? After a little research i discovered that the light was’nt for the humming birds.

The light was for night time decor. My friend told me she gets to watch the humming birds during the day and watch the multi-colored light show at night which is solar powered.

I want to apologize here. This hummingbird feeder is sold out. Amazon is offering one for 100 dollars which is way to expensive. I will update this when they get some in stock. Please check back later for I will update this as soon as they get more in stock. I apologize.

After doing a little research I found one at amazon for 100.00 which is the cheapest price i found. All the reviews i read on the humming bird feeder most of them were positive. The biggest complaint i read about was everyone thought its size should have been bigger. This humming bird feeder is 6 by 5.8 by 10.1 inches. So i guess it is a little small but that makes the humming birds seem bigger RIGHT?

Of course lets not forget the light show at night. This humming bird feeder has humming bird images inside of the reservoir and when the solar light changes color at night it really makes for quite a show. Of course being solar powered it does’nt require electricity so that means no ugly wires to see or trip over and you can hang it anywhere. Of course it does require sunlight to charge the battery. So don’t forget to make sure the humming bird feeder gets some sun every day.

Here I have to apologize again. I checked with the company that make these feeders and they have completely discontinued this item. I can not seem to find any type of solar replacement. I am kind of hung out to dry here because I am selling solar products and since this is no longer available all I can offer are regular humming bird feeders (not solar) . If you would like to view a selection of regular feeders please visit  HERE . I apologize for any inconvenience . Michael Cox

Have you ever wondered just how solar lights work? Check out my article on  the science of solar

Once again I would like to thank everyone for reading and remember humming birds get hungry too  Michael Cox

If you have questions or comments please put them in the reply section below. Once again Thank You.

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