solar lighting, A good security measure

outdoor solar lighting is decorative and adds extra light outdoors and adds a little more security to your home. Burglars usually shy away from lighted areas. Of course extra lighting shouldn’t take the place of an actual alarm system but solar lighting may help prevent burglaries since most burglars try to not be seen. a good solar security light just might be the ticket. there are all sorts of solar security lights on the market today. Solar motion detector lights are good also for they get exceptionally bright when motion is detected. Be safe and never trust what is in the night. Thanks for readingĀ  Mike Cox

4 thoughts on “solar lighting, A good security measure”

  1. Hi,
    I totally agree that a well-lit area is definitely a deterrent for burglars, and solar lighting seems to be a good idea. Besides saving electricity, it can also be quite decorative.

    However I noticed the thing about solar lighting is that it seems to be less bright than usual lighting. What is your thought about that?

    1. You are correct. Solar lighting isn’t as bright as electric light. The battery power source isn’t designed for brightness but for all night light at reduced brightness. Although there are models now that have motion detectors that get real bright when motion is detected. Thanks for the comment and question. Sincerely Mike Cox

  2. Great read. I use solar lighting around the house. You don’t need to rely on brightness just the convenience. But they are good for security. I a few outside in areas where I think potential thieves would hide.

    1. Thanks for the comments and thanks for reading. Solar lighting wouldn’t take the place of a home security system but they would help. Thanks mike cox

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