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Solar Phone Charger

Did you ever notice that sometimes when you need your phone the most the battery is gone or almost gone? It seems like the battery goes dead at the most inconvenient time possible. Of course I have a little story to tell about such a time as this

Some friends of mine decided to go fishing one afternoon. Well the fish were biting really good that afternoon and of course they took their kids along on the fishing trip as well. You know that children get really bored after a while and the next thing you know they have the phone out playing games. It usually don’t take to long for games to take a toll on phone battery’s.

Well you know its starting to get dark out then you keep saying (let me catch one more then we will go) by this time it’s really dark out. Most fishing holes always look different at night and sure enough they were lost. The first thing you think about then is to call someone for help. Oh no the phone battery is dead because the kids played games all afternoon.

Well one of them just happened to have a solar phone charger and had it in the sun all afternoon while they were fishing.They plugged it up and were powered up in no time. The solar phone charger saved the day. There are many instances where they can come in handy. Solar phone chargers are handy on camping trips, hiking trips as well as any other outdoor activity. They are almost a must have for any outdoorsman or woman. Get your Solar Phone Charger HERE  Thanks for reading. If you have any comments or questions please put them in the reply section below. Thanks for reading. Michael Cox.

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