Solar Step Lights – Watch Your Step

Have you ever went down a set of steps at night and you could’nt see the next step? It is a little scary walking at night in total darkness but steps are the worst and most dangerous. Now you can watch your step with a set of solar step lights.

Falls are one of the leading causes for emergency room visits today especially for elderly people. Lighted steps and walkways are a great safety measure against falls at night

As with all solar lighting. Solar step lights require no wiring or electricity so no worries about tripping over wires. All you need is some daytime sunlight to charge the battery with and you are good to go all night long.

Solar step lights are easy to install. Most models have peel and stick tape on the back. Some models have wood screws for people with wooden steps so mounting them is a breeze.

There are several different styles of step lights to choose from. Some styles are unique to different applications. You can choose your step lights here.

Light up the night for safety. Make your home a fall free home. Do it for yourself or for the people you love and remember to watch your step. Thanks for reading  Michael Cox

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