Why everyone could use solar lighting

Well first off the extra light at night is really useful. I was always told as a child that there is nothing in the dark that isn’t there in the daytime. I found this to be an untrue statement. Living in the south there is all kinds of critters that roam around at night. For instance a neighbor of mine was going to work one morning before daylight and walked around his car and ran right into a full grown


    Needless to say it got pretty smelly fast in fact the whole neighborhood new what happened in a matter of minutes. This mishap could have been avoided had he had solar lighting. He could have seen it before it sprayed its perfume and avoided missing work for 3 days and his wife not letting him in the house. So if you think about it solar lighting is a real good investment.
    Of course there is always the added security also. You never know when a burglar may be on the prowl or even an unwanted critter may be lurking around like the skunk mentioned above.
    OH WAIT, did I mention that solar lighting can be really decorative in your yard or garden? Well it can be. Solar lighting can range from security lighting to solar string lights to outside Christmas decorations.
    If it is outside and works on electricity there is probably a solar version of whatever the appliance is. Just think you may be able to cut the wires and go solar. Save on the electric bill and get rid of all of the ugly wires. That sounds like a win win deal.
    Feel free to visit the other pages and posts on my site. Discover all kinds of solar products, maybe some you never dreamed of and I will be adding new solar gadgets as time goes on. I like exploring and finding solar gadgets. I guess you could say that I am learning also. Thanks for reading. Michael Cox.
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